The Thrill of Victory!

celebexperts-titin-techIf you own a business like I do, you thrive on the competition, challenges and excitement of building a business that does great work, provides others an opportunity to be exceptional while paying for their lifestyle and building relationships with clients, co-workers and those in the loop of success, all the time!  If you have been on the other side of a “NO” with a deal, the sweet smell of a “Yes” is like a scent you have never known before.

Something about the affirmation of someone seeing the true benefit of working with you and your company never gets old.  A number of years ago I decided that I was going to transition out of focusing my efforts on exclusively representing Olympic athletes and several other random experts into a more robust existence by getting back to my roots of being a corporate consultant.  Many people that knew me and several that didn’t thought I was crazy for getting away from the career that gave me fame, fortune and success.   But to me that is all external stuff that can easily be replaced by relighting the pilot light that seems to have dimmed.

I spend hours a day on the phone sharing the CelebExperts mantra of what we do, how we do it and how do we get paid!  And I must be honest, it fits like a glove.  It feels natural and really takes me back to the days when it wasn’t selling, it was educating a potential business partner.   I love the process of peeling the onion which is the backbone of all corporate consulting, dissecting problems, listening to my counter-parts’ stresses and coming up with viable solutions that work.  Sounds so simple yet it really isn’t.  But we have a nose for it here at CelebExperts and I think the word is starting to get out.  Today, we announced that a new corporate partner has signed on with us. Our new partner, TITIN Tech, manufactures a compress vest that is weighted. The applications and usages are endless across all sports and fitness activities

Seeing the beginning of a great relationship being shouted out by Google and Bing for search terms like: Corporate Consultants, Athlete Endorsements, Celebrity Spokesperson, and many others is so gratifying! Truly the Thrill of Victory in my own little piece of heaven!  I have endured enough failure in my life to be able to share that every success such as TITIN Tech makes things just that much brighter!

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