5 Tips on Buying a Celebrity Spokesperson!

brad-pitt-celebrity-spokespersonI am asked 20 times a day about whether or not a certain celebrity is a good fit? Or how much is such and such going to cost? Will this Reality TV star be good doing PR for the client?

On and On and On…. And truth is, it never gets old! I actually love it. Why? Because I love what I do! Being a corporate consultant to some of the most interesting and dynamic companies, brands and people has no peer. I feel like my staff and I invest our experience in educating our clients on so many things that they might not see, or see in a way that is different than we might.

I think it’s the education process that makes being a corporate consultant so rewarding. The following are 5 really solid tips that should help any brand, product or company decide on a celebrity spokesperson:

#1. Who are you and what are you trying to accomplish? It’s simple, if you don’t have a sense of who you are as a brand, how can a celebrity alter that reality? In fact, it will just make it that much more confusing internally and externally to your consumers, retailers and on-line vendors.

#2. What is your budget? Honestly… Truth is if you want to just know how much and don’t know what it is you have budgeted, I find most companies end up not securing any celebrity spokesperson in that scenario. This is always accompanied by sticker shock, anxiety and a loss of breath by the CFO!

#3. Do not invest in a Celebrity Mirage! You say, Evan what is a Celebrity Mirage? I’m glad you asked! It is looking at someone and their accomplishments in the past and weigh it far too heavily based on the reality of their importance or relevancy today. An A list celebrity in 2010 might be a C in 2014. Don’t over pay or revive their career for no reason!

#4. Are you looking to Brand or Sell Product? This is a huge difference and if you don’t know it please call me because I can help. Branding is just that, developing an image or MO for the product, company and/or service. Selling is selling. Hire or book a celebrity spokesperson that can help you achieve your goals.

#5. Do you have the capacity internally or with outside agencies to leverage this investment? So many companies expend huge amounts of money thinking that unto itself is enough. It is far from enough. You need to spend on PR, Social Media, marketing, in-store, creation of video content, etc.

Buying a celebrity is easy. Getting the right one is not and for the right price is even harder. Let the experts at CelebExperts help you with our unique form of corporate consulting! Contact us through our online form, by email: or call 919 459 5426.