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I have been predicting the death of retail sadly for two years now. It just seems like such an antiquated means to purchase products. You are in your car, using gas, polluting the planet and taking up your valuable time. Of course online sales isn't perfect. Nothing is. But, we can all agree this Pandemic has shown us all the weakness in the supply chain and the opportunities that exist selling Direct to Consumer (D2C). My new agency The Digital Renegades was launched 2 weeks ago. Trust me, not by design but by need. My sports marketing agency that reppedREAD MORE
It's not easy right? I still have pains in my gut from 2007 and 2008. At 54 years young, owning my own businesses since 1995, I thought that the real estate crash on '07 & '08 was it for horrible peril for my businesses. It made me smarter, I launched CelebExperts ( in the heart of the bank and auto crashes. I decided that if I were to stay afloat and at that time there was zero SBA and bank loans available, I would start a new company that was focused on what I saw as the next market segmentREAD MORE
Top Social Media Talent Agents expand social influencer representation holdings by launching The Digital Renegades
Evan Morgenstein, visionary and CEO of such iconic agencies as PMG Sports, CelebExperts and Celebrity Trending 10 has started a boutique agency, The Digital Renegades, a division of CelebExperts LLC, focused on representing the best of the best in social media influencers over multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and SnapChat. Even in trying times, brands are reallocating budgets to their social media marketing, branding and sales programs. Clients are seeing the markets evolve in all the platforms and are looking for guidance from some of the best and most talented influencers on how to build communities, brands and sales.READ MORE
Kyra Gallego (@kyragallego), 21-year-old former college softball player and beauty influencer who is taking the TikTok world by storm with over 97% female followers, has signed with The Digital Renegades division of CelebExperts. After seeing her friends on TikTok just six months ago, Gallego decided to join the platform and test it out. With her charismatic personality and talent, all the while staying true to herself, Gallego took the TikTok users by storm. As a former Sephora associate, Gallego knows makeup at the expert level and covers everything from the different types of smokey eyes in makeup tutorials to sanitationREAD MORE
The world has changed and not that any of us wanted it to happen now, it has.  Evolutionary change usually takes millions of years. But in the days of Coronavirus, everything changes so fast it’s hard to account for it and even harder to plan for. Here are 5 things that have evolved since the start of this pandemic:   5. Social Distancing is a thing 4. Eating out is no longer something people do 3. Families are being brought together 2. Retail is dead and will never recover from this 1. TikTok is taking over social media for every age group!   That isREAD MORE
TikTok’s first Celebrity Chef @thatdudecancook Grows 250,000+ followers in 2 weeks with over 1.7 million Likes Sonny Hurrell is taking the growing platform by storm, joining forces with CelebExperts' innovative Digital Renegades branch for representation Sonny Hurrell, 17 year chef who at 32 years old has found a massive audience on the exploding social platform TikTok (@thatdudecancook), with over 76% being women and moms, has signed with The Digital Renegades division of CelebExperts for representation. Hurrell, based near Aspen Colorado, has been a personal chef for people living the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains forREAD MORE
I want to share some thoughts I have about Influencer marketing.  I am neither selling anything or promoting my company. Just a convo....  Have any of you worked on an influencer campaign in the last year that didnt produce the expected ROI? We all have correct? There are many reasons why. Here are a few. ROI expectations are so not inline with reality.   Ladies and gentlemen, there are no quick fixes for companies that are not achieving their goals. We arent god's we are just people. So set achievable goals or suffer the consequences. If your budget is spent before you launched, you are so screwed!  Today, you needREAD MORE
In times of pandemic, Influencer marketing is the one guaranteed solution to sagging sales! Find tips to survive Coronavirus! Coronavirus is emptying airports, theaters, sports arenas, tradeshows (See SXSW and Expo West), local sports events, healthclubs/gyms, supermarkets, restaurants and so many of the other staples of our lives. Sports superstar Lebron James of the LA Lakers when asked about playing in empty arenas didn't question the interviewers sanity, he actually addressed it as a possibility (although he said he would never). The ederly are staying in. Moms with young children and infants are not venturing outside of their own homeREAD MORE
Social Media Influencer
For 20 years, I worked at agencies and then my own firm(s) at booking athletes, celebrities and experts on endorsements which could just include utilization of their picture, image and likeness and could extend to a much more elaborate activation including SMT's, PR campaigns, on-site appearances, motivational speeches, trade show appearances, etc. If you are a brand person, an entrepreneur or an agency that has activated a social media influencer campaign in the last 12 months, haven't you leveraged most if not all of these elements as well? And there is the ultimate cosmic change in the market today, thatREAD MORE
Super Bowl Matchup, who wins: Football or Ads? As yet another Super Bowl approaches, we take a look at some of the biggest game of the year's most memorable campaigns, and what's in store for this year In order to develop a successful and effective marketing campaign and partnership focused on a celebrity, the timing, identity, relevance and appeal must all coalesce. The Super Bowl is the most prevalent time of year in which we can see this dynamic in play, both successfully and forgettably. There are countless examples of past campaigns that have successfully utilized the talents, charisma, andREAD MORE
Anne Burrell's Game Day Lineup
Game day can be daunting when you have invited guests over, but have no idea what to make. Anne Burrell has shared her top game day tips and tricks to make this game day the best one yet! As a top chef on the market, Anne Burrell is the perfect celebrity to share her insight. 1. Plan Ahead Planning ahead is the first step in a successful game day celebration. Burrell says, "Think, 'What can I do the day ahead? The day of?' Once you have that, you won't have to stress and everything will come out great and willREAD MORE
Instagram photo of MeowMiex
With “New Year, New You” upon us, the spotlight is on social media health influencers. From macros, to body image, to moms, these influencers are the ones to watch for any social media marketing or healthcare marketing campaign. 1) Amanda (Meixner) Rocchio aka @meowmeix With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and an 85% female audience, this health influencer inspires others to makes changes to help them live a fuller and healthier life. This wellness expert and funky dancer understands living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially without the right tools and knowledge. Amanda creates easy, approachable recipes andREAD MORE
Laptop on Social Media
Having worked with the top social media influencers in the world, as well as start ups and Fortune 500 companies alike, I am proud to say I have made it out alive and well. Better yet,  I am ready to continue to work with influencers and corporations on some incredible campaigns.   However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t bore witness to a series of train-wreck-worthy, money-sucking social campaigns that left companies dazed and confused.        2017 to 2018 left every boardroom in America in disarray screaming: We need an influencer!         In 2019, people becameREAD MORE
Snoop Dogg and Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin's new Beyond Sausage Sandwich has hit the TV screens and media harder than ever. The collaboration is named Launch of the Beyond Collection by Dunkin' x Snoop, where Dunkin' is inviting all guests to try samples of the Beyond Sausage Sandwich at their restaurants nationwide on January 24 and 25. Inspired by Snoop Dogg's diet of plant based protein, Dunkin' and Snoop have come together to create a limited time only spin on the Beyond Sausage Sandwich. The brand new, exclusive Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich will be available for one week only, January 13 through 19. This Snoop inspiredREAD MORE
Body Positive Vogue spread
Ashley Graham's Body Positive Mission Takes Off with Cover of Vogue With the initiative of making the fashion industry more inclusive of all body types, Ashley Graham has become one of the hottest models in the industry Ashley Graham describes herself as a model, designer, entrepreneur, and body activist. Within her recent work, she has proven herself to be successful in each and every one of these roles. In the past year, Ashley Graham has been featured on Elle, Harper's Bazaar Australia and UK, MOJEH Magazine, Allure, and topped the year off with the cover of Vogue. Graham began herREAD MORE