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Case Studies

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Beef Checkoff Teamed with Food Renegades to Celebrate National Hot Dog Month WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- July's National Hot Dog Month may be over, but millions are still relishing the delicious beef hot dog recipes developed by the Food Renegades, a division of The Digital Renegades a digital marketing agency and a chef alliance on TikTok, in partnership with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) and Beef Checkoff. The 40 unique recipes and fun facts about hot dogs, shared on TikTok each #WienerWednesday in July, were viewed more than 27 million times, generatingREAD MORE
The Twenty-Five year old engineer and sports fanatic is making his mark on the world of grilling and BBQ through his enormous social media community. Jack is a bad ass. If that’s not what you want, there are tons of chefs that cook like the queen’s servants. That’s just not Jack.” — Evan Morgenstein NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / -- Mancuso, a graduate of Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA was headed for a prosperous career as an engineer when he got bit by the grilling andREAD MORE
Have you ever wanted to learn how to get started as a micro influencer?  Which social media platforms are best for micro influencers?  In this episode, Chris and Ryan talk with Evan Morgenstein on why micro influencers are the next entrepreneurs. Evan Morgenstein, CEO of The Digital Renegades The world of influencer marketing has evolved with social media, especially in the era of Instagram and TikTok. Evan Morgenstein, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and CEO of The Digital Renegades, reps some of the most successful influencers in food, fitness, nutrition and beauty. Morgenstein will share his industryREAD MORE
Aspen, CO based chef goes from 0 to 1.7 million followers in just under 8 months. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / -- While the future of TikTok is all the rage in the lofty corridors of Capitol Hill, the rest of America is watching TikTok chef Sonny Hurrell (TikTok: @thatdudecancook) catch fire on the hottest platform in the world. Hurrell, 32 was born in the UK and immigrated to the USA when he was a child. Learning how to cook from his mother, Sonny fell in love with the beauty and artistry of prepping, preparingREAD MORE
The Georgia native creates delicious recipes for the everyday home cook On TikTok and IG. Lo fits in so nicely. Our group of chefs and cooks are wildly diverse by age, ethnicity, gender, geographical location and the genre of cooking they all do... I am happy she is part of this family.”” — Evan Morgenstein NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2020 / -- Valdosta, Georgia native Loren Montgomery, @auntieloren on TikTok, (320,000 followers and over 5 million likes), who learned to cook from her grandmother as a child, has signed for representation and career development with The FoodREAD MORE
The 21 year old influencer from Atlanta, Georgia is growing an audience of engaged girls and women interested in fitness and health! Cassidy is such a great representative of her family, friends and faith. She is honest to a fault and cares more about others than herself. Her list of brands could match almost any Gold Medalist!” — Evan Morgenstein NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2020 / -- When Cassidy Thompson (TikTok: @cassidy_ _ t) was a young athlete, she always wanted to share her passion and love of fitness (then through gymnastics), her love of herREAD MORE
The Digital Renegades partnered with QVC and two of our own Food Renegades chefs to sell a Grill and Air Fryer through a one day flash sale. The talent included Erica Kuiper and Tara Ippolito who have a collaborative following of over three million. The first ever TikTok campaign for QVC resulted in impressive social interaction and sales. The QVC campaign consisted of one TikTok post shared on Instagram as well with using the hashtag, #HSNInfluencer. An impact radius affiliate link and a swipe up link in the talent’s bio also helped to promote the products. The QVC campaign resultedREAD MORE
The Digital Renegades created a community with four of the top TikTok creators across multiple categories to be in a partnership with BlendJet through our single agency. The talent included Cassidy Thompson, Lauren Bowers, Jordyn Trenholm and Nicole Renard. They had a collaborative following of over 15 million followers. This campaign with BlendJet reached over 7.1 million views across all four full-length videos following the initial post. The BlendJet campaign consisted of one post with a link in the bio along with a discount code of 12% off the retail price of $40. The BlendJet campaign resulted in impressive salesREAD MORE
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The Food Renegades have banded together to show their support for TikTok against the call to potentially ban the platform in the United States. Every one of my partners in The Food Renegades sees TikTok as the future of social media and the most fun platform” — Evan Morgenstein NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 / -- The Food Renegades, a non-political organization have come together during the pandemic to pool their expertise in creating beautiful video content, providing inspiration and education to the everyday home cook. Amidst the news TikTok may be banned, the team isREAD MORE
With the massive disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and agencies are scrambling to fulfill their obligation to train, entertain and offer their employees and clients something unique. Experiential agencies, PR agencies, marketing and corporate communication offices are working overtime to bring their corporations something special. Here are The Digital Renegades, we offer best in category service and pricing when you are looking to hire a celebrity or influencer to bring your audience to their feet, event as they work from home. What Are the Benefits? Cost efficiency: There is no question a cost differential from hosting an eventREAD MORE
WASHINGTON, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether one enjoys a frankfurter, frank, wiener, weenie, coney, red hot or hot dog, July is bound to be a delicious month.  This month marks National Hot Dog Month, a full thirty-one days that celebrate one of America's most iconic foods.  Hot dogs are part of American culture, summer celebrations, travel and grilling traditions.  They are synonymous with our nation's independence as Americans are expected to eat 150 million hot dogs on July 4 alone. "Let me be frank.  In a time when things feel uncertain, we can be sure of at least one thing," said National HotREAD MORE
More millennials are finding their way to the Gen Z-dominated app By: Scott Nover  ADWEEK Key Insights: TikTok generated "the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter" in Q1 2020. Buyers say TikTok doesn't allow for much targeting, so an expanded user base presents some challenges. first made a splash in The New York Times in August 2016, months before Donald Trump’s presidency began and years before the Covid-19 pandemic was even a glimmer on the horizon. At the time, Alex Zhu, co-founder of the Chinese app for user-generated short-form music videos, told the Times that China’s “closed environment”READ MORE
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My agency, The Digital Renegades, a division of CelebExperts, LLC., has worked with influencers and "micro-influencers" for over seven years. The evolution of various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Vine, and TikTok has been incredible during this period. However, the branding of influencers large and small isn't new, nor is it unique. It has been this way in sports for centuries, think Superstars vs. Journeymen. Yet, the difference between micro and macro-influencers past and present is that new influencers all possess an entrepreneurial mindset. What's even more impressive is their specific interest in working with brands and companiesREAD MORE
I have been predicting the death of retail sadly for two years now. It just seems like such an antiquated means to purchase products. You are in your car, using gas, polluting the planet and taking up your valuable time. Of course online sales isn't perfect. Nothing is. But, we can all agree this Pandemic has shown us all the weakness in the supply chain and the opportunities that exist selling Direct to Consumer (D2C). My new agency The Digital Renegades was launched 2 weeks ago. Trust me, not by design but by need. My sports marketing agency that reppedREAD MORE
It's not easy right? I still have pains in my gut from 2007 and 2008. At 54 years young, owning my own businesses since 1995, I thought that the real estate crash on '07 & '08 was it for horrible peril for my businesses. It made me smarter, I launched CelebExperts ( in the heart of the bank and auto crashes. I decided that if I were to stay afloat and at that time there was zero SBA and bank loans available, I would start a new company that was focused on what I saw as the next market segmentREAD MORE