Is Your Competition Cleaning Your Clock?

celebrity-spokespersonHard to admit. Harder to change. Is your competition cleaning your clock? The following 5 ideas might help you break the glass ceiling that you can’t seem to pierce.

1. Stop being so respectful of your competition! This isn’t a gentleman’s fight. This is war and you better wake up to this reality. Maybe you are on a trade association with your competitor. Maybe you know your competitor from a previous job. Maybe you are neighbors. WHO CARES? You aren’t paid to be Mr. /Mrs. Nice “guy”. Time to take out your whooping stick and take it to your competition.

2. Research, Research, Research! What are you analyzing? What are you reviewing? What are you thinking about? What are your consumers saying? What are your competitor’s consumers saying about you? Yes, these things are expensive and there are lot of snake oil salesmen selling research, polling and analytics. But this isn’t a reason to run away and hide from this challenge. Make the budgetary commitment. Get this done!

3. Re-Brand? Re-Package? Re-Direct? Hardest thing for most small and emerging companies to do is look in the mirror and admit you don’t like what you see. Is your brand messaging tired? Is your PR agency so close to you, they are like that old suit you will never throw away? Are you going to push through the haze of mediocrity? Time to get aggressive. Second with no desire to be first, just means you are a loser and you have accepted that positioning.

4. Has your HR department let you down? Are you getting the industry’s re-treads? Have you not met a new hire in a very long time that reminds you of yourself at an early stage of your career? Are you excited by the crop of new hires or are you just plugging in people for jobs and not career prospects who will be with you for 10+ years. Is it time to have the HR person reviewed?

5. Are you in an industry that a Celebrity Spokesperson can help you cut through the clutter, re-define your brand and/or elevate your consumer awareness by associating with the right celebrity? I am so amazed how every day we get a call or an email from a company in an industry I would have never previously considered a candidate for a Celebrity campaign. But after a lengthy conversation and evaluating our CelebExperts analysis we execute, it becomes clear that a celebrity spokesperson is exactly what they need. One of the fast sectors of growth for us is the B2B segment of the market. The art of utilizing a celebrity to infuse something unique and special in your tired old B2B pitch is becoming state of the art. Now more than ever, small and emerging companies from Kickstarter/Crowdfunding companies to Inc. 500 companies are relying on the heat a Celebrity Spokesperson can provide.

As a top corporate consulting agency, CelebExperts can assess and break down all aspects of a company’s operations including sales, distribution, marketing and PR. Contact us ASAP and let one of our experienced Consultants take you through our unique process. When it comes to moving your business forward while not increasing head count, cost of benefits and taxes, CelebExperts is a great value for your company, brand or organization. Please contact me at  P: 919 459 5426 @celebexperts