Is It Time To Hire A Celebrity Spokesperson?

charlize-theron-celebrity-spokespersonTiming is everything, right? Well if you are considering hiring a celebrity to represent a product, service and/or company there is no better time to link up with a celebrity and here is why! The following are five (5) reasons it’s time to get off the sidelines and in the game of having a celebrity spokesperson:

1. Your competitors have a celebrity spokesperson and you are losing traction quickly!

Turn on the television, open a magazine or go on line and do a Google search for your category of product and your competitors own these avenues. Their celebrity spokesperson is everywhere. They are leveraging their social media assets. The company’s PR team is on fire. The celebrity is on The Early Show, The View, GMA, etc.

2. Your retailers are demanding sell-thru!

Look, selling your product into Whole Foods or Target or Dollar General is tight! But then what? The celebration is over the minute to P.O. is signed. Now the real pressure starts. A well-conceived celebrity campaign including store appearances, social media and in-store promotions can create a ground swell of interest in consumers with a predisposition to buy your products. Push the sale through. Don’t be passive or think the job is done when you are only 75% of the way there.

3. Branding, Branding, Branding!

It’s time to blow up your brand. You have done everything right. Packing is great, product is the best in the category, and the sales materials are stunning. Your messaging is spot on. You are at the starting line and they are about to pull the trigger on the gun… But for you, there are no bullets. You are in a highly competitive market-place and the customer is influenced greatly by the opinion of a celebrity spokesperson that speaks to them. Pull that trigger yourself, find that celebrity that will validate and influence. It’s possible. Don’t be afraid. Risk is part of success.

4. Your PR team needs something.

Your internal group or external agency needs something to sink their collective teeth into. The news in the industry keeps outshining your message. How do you create waves in an otherwise stagnant calm pool? You need to cannon ball in and your PR agency will reward you richly with great placements and an aggregation or huge number of impressions!

5. The Survey Says……… Polling!

If you aren’t validating through polling, you are missing an opportunity to put a huge exclamation point on your perceptions. In the past every decision was done via a “feel”. Well its 2014 and everything needs to be validated before you spend a dime on a celebrity spokesperson! Our more entrenched clients work with our sister company, Brand Match Score (@brandmatchscore) out of Boston! They aren’t the same stagnant polling that you have seen before. It’s dynamic, customized and affordable.

Ultimately, if you aren’t in the market with a celebrity, your competitors are and you will continue to see your market-share erode. Let CelebExperts assist you in evaluating, vetting and hiring a celebrity to be the face of your company, brand and/or product. The concept is easy, executing it isn’t but that is why we are experts. From Kickstarter funded through Fortune 100 companies, CelebExperts is available for a FREE consultation today. or 919 459 5426.