Crowdfunded Companies Are A Jewel In The Rough!

Let the CelebExperts team break down the best tips for your crowdfunded company when looking to hire a Celebrity spokesperson for your next ad campaign.

As an outside, retainer based agency we are seeing more and more crowdfunded companies searching for Celebrity spokespeople. Big names to generate big sales for their products or services.

Problem is most entrepreneurs have their hands full with managing a company much less an effective celebrity campaign. Good, smart people don’t always have the skill sets to ramp up and manage that next level of success. The challenges of just manufacturing products alone are overwhelming. Forget about how to vet and secure your Celebrity spokesperson.

The following are 5 Tips to help Crowdfunded companies with hiring a Celebrity spokesperson:

1. Make sure you understand what you are getting into: Wanting, needing and securing a Celebrity spokesperson are three (3) different animals and all of them bite and are venomous! At CelebExperts we have never spoken with a small business owner who didn’t want a celebrity to represent their brand, company or services. The question is how many really needed the Celebrity? Ultimately, securing the Celebrity is an easier transaction than the self inflection to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons.

2. Set a Realistic Budget For Your Celebrity Spokesperson: CelebExperts has consulted too many companies that unfortunately have spend an insane percentage of their Crowd funding on a celebrity that just doesn’t make sense for what your goals and objectives are.

3. If You Think, “I will hire a Celebrity and the consumer will buy”, You Are Crazy!: It just doesn’t work that way for the most part. Have there been exceptions to this rule? Absolutely, but for the most part a Celebrity, unless they are an equity owner and uses their fame (and fortune) to help boost the viability of the brand or company, will not results in quick sales just because they are a Celebrity. Which leads me to the condition I put on the above.

4. Use A Celebrity That Is Authentic and Lives The Lifestyle Of Your Consumer!: Never, Ever, Ever, Ever just hire fame for the sake of Fame! Only hire a Celebrity to be your spokesperson if they authentically love your product and live your customer’s way of life! The connection will seem real, the communication flawless. CelebExperts deals with not just vetting and negotiating deals but also matching brands with Celebrities that make sense…

5. Know the Difference Between Branding and Sales!: To invest so much important capital at the inception stage of your business on a Celebrity spokesperson may be good from a branding stage but will it amount to sales? Sales are king early on. The ability to show your potential retail partners that there is a market for your product or a proof of concept to your idea, is critical!

CrowdFunded companies are the next Microsofts, Facebooks and GoPro’s! Each started by a genius who had a belief and would never give up! All three of them have utilized Celebrities to deliver branding and sales If you are a CrowdFunded company and want to discuss an opportunity contact us at .