You’re A Fool If You Hire A World Series MVP Long Term!

Most companies who are thinking about hiring World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner as their corporate spokesperson are out of their minds!

In the world of supply and demand, here is what I know. Madison Bumgarner’s agent went to bed with a smile on his face and woke up in a panic attack! Why?

Here are the 5 things you need to know:

1. Name last year’s World Series MVP? Super Bowl MVP? NBA Championships MVP? Get my point? There is no long term up side to signing an athlete during the storm of popularity. I am all for a quick hit! Satellite Media Tour, some appearances but DO NOT SIGN THE WORLD SERIES MVP TO A LONG TERM DEAL! Unless you are in baseball endemics. Thats the exception to every rule! Hire-Madison-Bumgarner

2. Every company that is calling Madison Bumgarner’s agent right now is building the cost structure and profitability for his services. The more companies call, the more his agent will think he can get for these opportunities. Since he can’t do everything, this will become a feeding frenzy and fast!

3. Buyer beware! He is 25 years old. And like most 25 year olds, with millions of dollars and lots of pretty girls and stupid guys wanting to get close to him, he will make mistakes, he will change. The Madison Bumgarner you knew 3 months ago unfortunately is dead. The new Madison Bumgarner is surrounded by people telling him he is great This is the WORST situation to buy into.

4. Turn out the lights! The baseball season is OVER! Just be clear about that. We have College and NFL football, the NBA and NHL season’s are starting and everyone is thinking about the holidays. When the season is over, its over. Never forget that!

5. Is your customer in markets that make having a SF Giant a good thing or a bad thing? So here is a question, please fill in the blank… In LA if you are a Dodgers fan and Madison Bumgarner is showing up to sign autographs at a Ralph’s, will you take your kids? HELL NO! Not unless you want to get into a fight with him. You see, sports is a very regionalized love affair a community has with their idols. What sells in the Bay Area might not sell in Chicago, Dallas or Miami! So be sensitive to that!

In the end, I would counsel my clients to get in quick, get out quicker and try and utilize someone like a Madison Bumgarner in a very specific marketing and PR tactic. Signing him to a long term deal even at 25 years old is only letting his agent sleep better. And in the end, who likes sports agents? NO ONE!