Kickstarter is Kicking Ass!

Small-business-successKickstarter has changed the world of funding Small Businesses, early stage ideas and emerging companies!

Almost on a daily basis we are contacted by a CEO or CMO from a Kickstarter candidate that is in the process of planning their takeover of the World, “just as soon as we get our Kickstarter funds”!  As they say, if only I had a dollar….

As experts in assisting small businesses in finding celebrity spokespeople, I can tell you most of the people we talk to don’t have a grasp on hiring or booking a celebrity or leveraging the Talent; much less do they understand the cost, PR requirements or how to effectively activate their spokesperson with their distribution partners whether online or brick and mortar.

Each industry as each company has its unique niche and therefore finding the “perfect” spokesperson takes on an even higher level of urgency and importance as the reality is, this first investment in a celebrity spokesperson will define the company for many years to come!

Back to all of the Kickstarter companies and how we service their needs.  What is clear 100 percent of the time is they are, above all else, S-A-L-E-S!  Sound obvious?  It’s not actually.  Here is why, as we say all the time, it’s easy to sell into retail or to online resellers, but what is even more important is to sell out!

Because if you don’t turn your inventory with your retail partners you will be out, sitting in your garage looking at pallets of your product wondering where you went wrong!  At CelebExperts, one of our expertise is understanding the sales process, consumer behavior and the thirst resellers have for their vendors to push out product!

We hear it every day from companies that contact us.  Their biggest fear is not being able to reach their core consumers and how to utilize a celebrity spokesperson to ensure the adequate turn-rate their partners require.

Contact us immediately to have one of our corporate consultants contact you to discuss what we do, how we do it and how do we get paid!  Oh, and yes we know how much Celebrities cost! Contact us by email  or call 919 459 5426.