The Truth About Celebrity Marketing Power

CelebExperts explains why Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson is More Marketable in the World of Celebrity Acquisition Than Brad Pitt!


Your first reaction is, Evan you are crazy! I tell you I can prove it. While Brad Pitt does hold the title of former People Magazine Most Beautiful Person In The World and has many hit movies, Willie Robertson and his clan of slightly messy but incredibly endearing family members are pumping in $400,000,000 in licensing deals!

From my perspective, Brad Pitt is virtually untouchable and none of my clients ever asks for him anymore. That’s what happens in the world of celebrity acquisition, if you are deemed too expensive or unbookable, you are dead to most marketers. That doesn’t mean the biggest companies in the world can’t hire Brad Pitt for millions of dollars for off shore endorsements, but the truth is, when it comes to servicing large quantities of sub-Fortune 500 companies, I can get deals done with Willie Robertson or his family members.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are two of the most challenging hires in the celebrity business. Not just in terms of fees but the requirements for private aviation, security, etc., become cost prohibitive for most. Make no mistake that Willie, Jase, Sy and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family members are not inexpensive. In fact if Willie’s daughter Sadie win’s Dancing With the Stars she may be the most in demand of the group.

So the biggest global star isn’t always the best for your campaign based on fee, availability, access and execution! Find someone that meets your needs and mirror’s your corporate climate and temperament. It’s so important to find a true and authentic spokesperson not just someone that makes you feel like you have arrived on the scene of corporate big wigs hobnobbing with an A list movie star. What that does is guarantees you one thing and one thing only, an eventual exist strategy because it isn’t going to work and you spent a ton of someone else’s money!

So avoid this tragic career decision and buy within your means and needs. Having a celebrity isn’t the answer to every question. Acquiring the right celebrity can do so many good things! Don’t be afraid just be informed!