Why Celebrity Social Media Campaigns Are A Mirage!

Every day I am bombarded with questions from clients and prospective clients about the possibility of “blowing up our branding campaign by getting some Celebrities to Tweet and Instagram for us”.

If only they knew what “Celebrity Mirage” social media-only campaigns were. And here is why:

1. If you are a desirable Celebrity who is executing a commercial Social Media campaign for hire, you are doing a lot of them. As they say, if you see an ant, its probably not alone! So how can you be assured you aren’t being lost in the clutter of multiple social media executions a day or a week or a month?

2. Who is really seeing these social media campaigns? So if you execute a Twitter campaign where one of the #Kardashian sisters is #tweeting for you, how many of their tens of millions of followers are actually checking their Twitter feed when they post it? Probably, very few. Threading the needle is difficult.

3. Who is your demographic and is this “shotgun” approach really the best use of your funds? Can you really justify the spend on such a loose branding campaign? Will one or a series of tweets really going to move the needle on sales and/or brand identity?

4. Can you trust these on-line companies that aggregate Celebrity’s social media posts. They promise you the top names and most times its bait and switch. I have a potential client that has shared with me a nightmare of A list celebs in the contract, C list delivered!

5. Know the difference between Instagram and Twitter regarding social media campaigns. Most experts will tell you Twitter is dead and doing Instagram posts are where the real value is.

Having the knowledge of the above 5 facts will save you time and money while providing a basis to build a social media campaign that has a purpose to exist and a chance to be successful!