Why Jen Selter Has Changed Marketing Forever!

Most traditional marketers, aka dinosaurs will have no idea who Jen Selter is or why she is one of the most relevant icons in marketing today.


Yes, lets get through the obvious. She is smart, has a great back story and clearly is gorgeous. But that superficial nonsense only gets you so far.

Here are some numbers:

  • 8.5+ million followers on social media
  • 4.85 million of those on @Instagram (#53 in the world. Higher than Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Laddy GaGa, Pharrell Williams and so many others)
  • Average age range of her followers: 15-25 years old
  • Adding 171,000 followers a month
  • Fastest growing demographic, female demographic average age: 18-25 years old

I can tell you by the numerous new companies who are contacting us from around the world, if you don’t know who Jen Selter is or what #Seltering is, you better have one of your interns explain it to you.

A year ago, she might have been perceived as a passing fancy; someone that has nothing but looks and a camera. Today, companies are now rushing to introduce possible signature products and other endorsement opportunities to her. She has worked with companies such as Samsung, Sprint, Muscle Pharm and others. Colleges are pounding on her door to come and speak with their students. International media are all over her.

With all that being said, Jen is so strategic. Unlike many others who are “whoring out” their Instagram accounts to brands posting for dollars every day, Jen is selective with who she associates her brand with which creates a demand unto itself.

Every PR firm who continues to search for their client’s next celebrity spokesperson for a campaign and wants to reach a huge audience, knows Jen and continues to educate themselves on the Jen Selter brand. We are developing a multi-year strategy which includes various types of categories that Jen is passionate about, growing her followers to 20,000,000+ and owning equity in everything she does. She is the ultimate Shark from Shark Tank! What feminist shouldn’t back a woman like Jen that started with nothing and has built a business that is inspirational to young women, scalable and influential?

The game has changed and those that don’t recognize that social media is the new TV, print and radio will suffer the same ugly death as the dinosaurs before them! The ability to communicate through a picture or a written word as Jen does has copy writers baffled. Most brands that are trying to reach her core demographic suffer because most of the decisions are made by 40+ years olds who perceive Instagram as something their kids are on not a tool of the trade. And isn’t that the point?