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Celebrity Marketing
Companies are rushing to hire a celebrity brand ambassador as celebrity marketing influence reaches an all-time high in 2015. I don’t think 50+ years ago when Babe Ruth or Ronald Reagan were pitch men for various products and services that anyone understood just how important celebrities would eventually become in all facets of public influence and entertainment. Celebrities are unavoidable! If you need a good example, turn on your TVs. Aside from appearing in TV commercials, celebrities are judging, performing and competing almost every night on popular TV series like America’s Got Talent (Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, MelREAD MORE
Celebrity Spokespeople have been linked to overwhelming success in trade show marketing. Having worked with companies associated with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for almost 10 years now, it is no surprise how important a celebrity is and always will be in the world of selling consumers on the “cool” factor of new technology. In the past, CelebExperts has helped companies and brands of varying sizes and budget ranges book athletes, celebrity chefs, TV personalities, sportscasters and others for the biggest trade show in the technology industry each year. Past bookings include the likes of Celebrity Chef Mario Batali andREAD MORE
2015 Will Be The Year Of Celebrity Marketing Campaigns
Is 2015 the year of celebrity marketing campaigns on social media? Good question. The world of executing traditional celebrity endorsement deals is dead! Companies and brands are becoming unwilling to hire a famous celebrity spokesperson just for the sake of having a name associated with company branding. Companies want engagement, and they want it fast. Social media has re-dealt the cards in the game of celebrity marketing and everyone has a chance to cash in. If an individual has an audience of over 500,000 followers on social media, they are now someone of great importance to you as brand owners and marketingREAD MORE
The fastest growing segment of celebrity marketing campaigns is celebrity shout outs on social media platforms for companies from micro online businesses to the largest companies in the world! The rise of social media has made even the smallest of companies look like well oiled marketing machines. If you haven't caught onto this trend, you better wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee. Celebrity shout outs are constantly popping up on every social media platform! At CelebExperts we are spending a lot of time consulting our clients on the dos and don'ts of focusing budget, brand equity and time in this manner.READ MORE
CelebExperts puts a bow on 2014 with the announcement of this year’s most influential celebrity brand ambassadors! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in more ways than one for some major companies and brands! CelebExperts has evaluated thousands of celebrity brand ambassador programs and only the best made its year end list. The volume of companies investing millions of dollars in securing big name celebrity brand ambassadors in 2014 is truly astounding. Crowd-funded to multinational companies are utilizing celebrities in both traditional media efforts and uniquely branded social media campaigns. In 2014, CelebExperts saw many celebrity influencers find their wayREAD MORE
According to CelebExperts President and CEO Evan Morgenstein, established brands aren't the only ones who could benefit from a celebrity social media campaign. There is a common fallacy that small businesses can’t afford or scale up to utilize a celebrity spokesperson. Well I say that is utter crap. It is usually  your “business advisors” and/or spouses that put the opportunity to press your foot on the gas on hold! Fear runs rampant for small business entrepreneurs, but to be truly successful, you must turn that fear into manageable risk and face it head on. Hiring a famous celebrity is anREAD MORE
Here's our corporate consulting tips to properly assess a celebrity's social media usage before launching headlong into a celebrity social media campaign. I am in a very unique position based on having represented numerous high profile celebrities with large numbers of social media followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, YouTube and others, while also providing corporate consulting to companies intrigued with executing social media "shout outs" with celebrities owning large aggregated fan bases. I explain to my corporate clients that just accessing someone's social media fan base in a one off kind of way isn't as powerful as truly engaging theREAD MORE
CelebExperts explains why Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson is More Marketable in the World of Celebrity Acquisition Than Brad Pitt! Your first reaction is, Evan you are crazy! I tell you I can prove it. While Brad Pitt does hold the title of former People Magazine Most Beautiful Person In The World and has many hit movies, Willie Robertson and his clan of slightly messy but incredibly endearing family members are pumping in $400,000,000 in licensing deals! From my perspective, Brad Pitt is virtually untouchable and none of my clients ever asks for him anymore. That's what happens in the world of celebrity acquisition,READ MORE
Just in case you don't know, the picture above is of my hip replacement... that went horribly wrong. March 10, 2010, I went to Brigham and Women's Hospital for what was described as a routine hip replacement. They had done thousands before. "No problem" seemed to be the quote of the day. Well, needless to say, there was a problem. The specifics of the botched surgery and who is to blame is in dispute, but what isn't in dispute is that this episode changed me and my view on winning forever. In the past, I loved pushing people around fromREAD MORE
The new division will focus directly on small businesses who want to hire a celebrity spokesperson. It was announced today that CelebExperts, a leading corporate consulting and celebrity acquisition agency, is focusing its efforts to assist small and emerging businesses looking to generate consumer awareness and sales through a celebrity endorsement. CE Small Biz will provide a portfolio of executions customized to the needs and budgets of each unique client including social media “shout outs”, personal appearances, in-store merchandising, advertising, creation of viral content, licensing and the development of signature celebrity backed products. The new division will be led byREAD MORE
The popular ABC entrepreneurial business TV series has provided an opportunity for small businesses to gain a leg up on their competition. It is undeniable that every small business owner, entrepreneur and Mr. Wonderful wanna-be tune in every week to new episodes of Shark Tank on ABC or re-runs on CNBC to see how the next group of future millionaires fare against the Sharks! Sometimes it is hard to watch, other times it's thrilling in a manner like people rubber neck at a car wreck! If you are like me, you are on the edge of your seat screaming at the next contestant on this game show of life! You getREAD MORE
Most traditional marketers, aka dinosaurs will have no idea who Jen Selter is or why she is one of the most relevant icons in marketing today. Yes, lets get through the obvious. She is smart, has a great back story and clearly is gorgeous. But that superficial nonsense only gets you so far. Here are some numbers: 8.5+ million followers on social media 4.85 million of those on @Instagram (#53 in the world. Higher than Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Laddy GaGa, Pharrell Williams and so many others) Average age range of her followers: 15-25 years old Adding 171,000 followers a month Fastest growing demographic, female demographic average age: 18-25READ MORE
Supermodels, Singers and Actresses continue to outpace the market for endorsement deals during the month of October. While the rest of the world was busy carving pumpkins and scheming costume ideas, some of today's most influential famous female celebrities were busy signing new endorsement deals. Several companies including up-and-coming bottled water brand WAT-AHH! and LOreal Paris will look to leverage the influential opinions of famous celebrities and raise awareness for their given products in upcoming ad campaigns. No one should be surprised that the top influencers for brands are some of the biggest names in entertainment! Tyra Banks and ArianaREAD MORE
TITIN will take their patented, weighted compression gear into the Shark Tank in hopes of securing a partnership with one of the famed Sharks. Its an investor feeding frenzy on the set of the exciting TV series Shark Tank, and TITIN will test the waters tonight at 9 P.M. EST on ABC. TITIN, a corporate client of premier consulting agency CelebExperts, has created an innovative new line of weighted compression gear that is unlike any other product in the training/workout apparel space. The patented design includes medical-grade, flexible gel inserts as weight, placed evenly across key muscle groups on yourREAD MORE
Most companies who are thinking about hiring World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner as their corporate spokesperson are out of their minds! In the world of supply and demand, here is what I know. Madison Bumgarner's agent went to bed with a smile on his face and woke up in a panic attack! Why? Here are the 5 things you need to know: 1. Name last year's World Series MVP? Super Bowl MVP? NBA Championships MVP? Get my point? There is no long term up side to signing an athlete during the storm of popularity. I am all for a quickREAD MORE