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Case Studies

If you own a business like I do, you thrive on the competition, challenges and excitement of building a business that does great work, provides others an opportunity to be exceptional while paying for their lifestyle and building relationships with clients, co-workers and those in the loop of success, all the time!  If you have been on the other side of a “NO” with a deal, the sweet smell of a “Yes” is like a scent you have never known before. Something about the affirmation of someone seeing the true benefit of working with you and your company never getsREAD MORE
CelebExperts and Titin
Revolutionary Training gear brand TITIN partners with CelebExperts to leverage celebrity endorsements Cary, NC, May 19,2014-- TITIN, creator of the world’s first and only weighted compression gear, has partnered with celebrity consulting firm CelebExperts to help better leverage the company’s pre-existing celebrity endorsement deals while also developing a new athlete acquisition model. CelebExperts has emerged as an industry leader in the niche space of celebrity talent acquisition and the company brings over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience to help build the marketing reach of this ingenuitive new training system through celebrity brand ambassadors. Since founding TITIN in 2010,READ MORE
Kickstarter has changed the world of funding Small Businesses, early stage ideas and emerging companies! Almost on a daily basis we are contacted by a CEO or CMO from a Kickstarter candidate that is in the process of planning their takeover of the World, "just as soon as we get our Kickstarter funds"!  As they say, if only I had a dollar.... As experts in assisting small businesses in finding celebrity spokespeople, I can tell you most of the people we talk to don't have a grasp on hiring or booking a celebrity or leveraging the Talent; much less doREAD MORE
Judge on NBC’s The Voice launches Women’s clothing line with Kmart! Can Adam Levine do no wrong? Kmart doesn’t seem to think so! After the launch of his very successful menswear line in the fall, Adam’s new summer collection for women is generating major buzz for the nationwide retailer.  Kmart, complete with other celebrity product lines such as the Kardashian’s clothing and design collections, has become the retailer du jour for celebrities wanting to extend their brand.  Yet no one is extending their brand further than the lead songwriter and front man for the multi-platinum selling band Maroon 5, Adam Levine. It’sREAD MORE
How do you know when it’s time to utilize a Celebrity as your spokesperson? I am asked this question all the time.  This and “how much”?   CelebExperts deals with micro businesses through Fortune 500 companies.  Everyone has a different corporate DNA, different needs, and different customers wanting information on things that make their life better.  Maybe it’s a sunscreen and the consumer is taking the family out to a park?  Or maybe someone in the family is starting a new health + fitness regimen and wants insight into foods that will fuel their body and/or help them recover?  Maybe it’s aREAD MORE
Whether it was The Yankee Clipper Joe Dimaggio for Mr. Coffee, Sally Fields for Boniva or Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers, all celebrity endorsements are made to end, eventually. Weight Watchers signed Jennifer Hudson, whose career began on American Idol and quickly became a Grammy winning superstar with fans from coast to coast, after giving birth to her first child in 2010. As the singer only continues to be successful, the news that Weight Watchers is not renewing their endorsement contract is just one more example that no endorsement deal is forever. When you analyze the initial relationship, the JenniferREAD MORE
I am constantly asked by media, companies and friends… Who are the real winners and losers of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games?  And ultimately everyone wants to know: what is an Olympic medal, Gold, Silver or Bronze worth in marketing dollars? Robert Tuchman of Goviva recently told ABC News that Olympic 'rookies' such as slopestyle snowboarder and Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg could earn upwards up $250,000-$500,000 for major endorsement deals!  Are you out of your mind, Mr. Tuchman? The only person that doesn’t want to hear that number being tossed around is Kotsenburg’s agent because now the pressure isREAD MORE
It’s never too late in the ever changing world of budgets to secure a celebrity spokesperson for an upcoming campaign.  What has changed since the Economy tanked in 2007/2008 is that many companies now will not plan over the summer, negotiate over the fall and buy celebrity Talent in November and December!  Now, PR agencies and clients alike are buying celebrity spokespeople on a Quarter by Quarter basis!  This change has also affected the pricing structure for celebrity engagement. Previously, a company would sign a Celebrity to a one or multi-year deal.  Now, with the fear of working with aREAD MORE
duck dynasty
Let’s be honest with each other, Reality TV is the furthest thing from reality.  It has been widely reported that Real Housewives is guilty of multiple retakes during fights and other scenes to maximize the drama.  The editors for Amazing Race and Survivor win Emmys!  Which brings up an incredibly interesting point when the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, in an interview with GQ gives the world something they aren’t used to, Reality!?!? Now I get why some people are up in arms.  To some, Phil’s comments were vile. To others, his comments were protected by the 1st Amendment. READ MORE
WOW!  What a year.  Going into 2013 I could have never guessed in a down economy how successful CelebExperts would become in just over a year.  I am always reminded of how I started my first business with a tax-refund check and the arrogance and/or misguided self-worth that I could make something out of nothing.  I didn’t do it alone and for everyone that had a direct and in-direct contribution, thank you!  My vision was and will always be to work harder, be smarter and out-perform the client’s expectations.  It’s not easy working for me because I hold my employees toREAD MORE
Pitbull Fragrance Launch
There’ll be more than champagne and resolutions in the air this New Year’s Eve as world-renowned music artist Pitbull will debut his new fragrance line at his NYE concert in Miami on December 31st. The fragrances, simply dubbed Pitbull Man and Pitbull Woman, are the music icon’s first attempt in the smell-good industry and feature tall, sleek bottles modeled after skyscrapers from around the world. Pitbull partnered with Givaudan, the global leader in the fragrance industry, to develop the scents. The product launch will not officially occur until New Year’s Eve, but pre-ordering will be available exclusively on’s newREAD MORE
Shopping for value when hiring a celebrity is always a good idea, just not the only idea! Let me introduce you to my day…  Every day: Prospective client/PR Agency: Well Evan, we really like your focus and experience at CelebExperts.  My only concern is, can we afford the celebrity you help us secure? Me: Good question.  But is the fee all that matters? PC/PRA:  Evan, does the sun come up every day?  Yes, fee is all that matters to my client you know them. Me:  Oh boy… PC/PRA: Pardon me.  You cut out. Me:  No, No.  I was just sneezing. READ MORE
keeping up with the kardashians
There isn’t a supermarket in America that isn’t filled at the checkout aisle with magazine after magazine with “celebrities”!  Some of it good.   Some of it bad.  And some of it just off the hook insane!  Now what constitutes a celebrity is up for interpretation! It used to be A-list Movie stars: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCarprio, the list of stars – real stars – goes on and on.  But the world has changed. No longer are celebrities judged by opening box office numbers or how many weeks on theREAD MORE
Julia Roberts Celebrity Spokesperson
99 percent of the potential clients that contact CelebExperts ( ask first about costs and secondarily about how they find the celebrity that fits their campaign, what types of benefit can they get from this relationship or even the most basic 411 on utilizing someone who is famous to influence your customer! PRICE doesn’t equal success!  So if you find a former reality television star from let’s say Amazing Race, winner of season 3241 for oh let’s say $10,000 for a year’s campaign, that only guarantees you of one thing…you spent $10,000! We understand working with small and emerging companies, inREAD MORE
Bella Thorne Wallflower Jeans
Disney Channel star Bella Thorne has been signed on as a new celebrity spokesperson for Wallflower Jeans’ marketing campaign beginning in the fall of 2013. Thorne's young and vibrant style coupled with her independent and unconquerable spirit makes her the perfect role model and spokesperson for Wallflower Jeans. The fiery redhead, who earlier this spring confirmed her role in the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore romantic comedy, has experienced quite the explosive career and with 4.3 million twitter fans, brands are starting to take notice. Thorne, who made her way onto several hit shows such as Entourage and TheREAD MORE